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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is USocialize referral program?

USocialize has a referral program where you have following ways of earning points.

  • Earn Points by Referring a friend. This is fastest way of earning as you get 10 points for each referred user. Just copy the referral link code and add it on your Website/Blog or mail it your friends. We will credit 10 points for each joining friend you refer. Please do not spam.

  • Earn Points by backlink to U Scoialize. You get 5 point for a back link from each of your blog/website. Just add or your "referral link" to your site and mail us your site link at We will add points to your account.

  • Earn Points by Blogging about U Socialize. You get 10 point for creating a post on each of your blog or website. Just mail us your site link at We will add points to your account.

  • Your USocialize referral link is of format

    To get your referral link, login to USocialize and go to "Refer A Friend".

    Monday, August 24, 2009

    U Socialize Beta Release is live!

    We are glad to announce that U Socialize Beta release is up and running. Currently supported networks are

  • Twitter - Get more followers on twiter using USocialize.

  • Digg - Get more digg readers

  • Delicious - Get more bookmarks for your site/blog

  • We are looking for more beta testers who can use our site and provide more feedback to us.

    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    What is U Socialize?

    U Socialize is a network for promoters. You can join U Socialize if you want to promote your website or blog on various social networks like Twitter, Digg, Delicious.

    U Socialize makes it easy for you to promote your content from one place. You can

  • Get more followers on Twitter.

  • Have more users read and Digg your story.

  • Have more users bookmark your website/blog

  • U Socialize is a Free service, You can join here and start socializing with other promoters.